Halifax Repertory Theatre

The Heart of Performing Arts in Central Florida

We've got HRT! Halifax Repertory Theatre (HRT) is a professional theater company serving the greater Daytona Beach Area. Performances include musicals, reviews, cabarets, plays, concerts, recitals and more!

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Terrific show! Professional in every way!

This show was AMAZING excellent performers and phenomenal voices

Great great great performances! We loved it. Thank you for bringing this to our community.

Such a treat! Cried at the first note when I realized how much I had missed live theatre! Bravo!

Well, if you missed it, too bad and I am sorry; because you MISSED an awesome experience with even more awesome voices and performances that would have blown you away!!! We have a lot to brag about from our home-town talent. So, so proud of the HRT and CMT troupe

Bravo! Bravo! A standing ovation to Jack and Sandra for such a phenomenal performance at the Halifax Repertory Theatre.

A Night Of Broadway was flawless!! Bringing Broadway to us! They had such spirit, fire, laughs, and positive energy! To watch these talented performers come together and hear the perfect harmonies of their EXTREMELY POWERFUL voices was absolutely breathtaking!

I am blown away by the amazing performance put on by HRT tonight. The cast was terrific.

It was just AMAZING!!!

I had the most wonderful opportunity last Sat. night 7/24/2021 to attend one of the best performances I have seen in this area in a long time at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center put on by the Halifax Repertory Theatre.